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MIL's Belt

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#1 diamond


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Posted 02 June 2008 - 03:21 PM

Lee’s Belt©
Designed by Cheryl Oxsalida
Copyright 2008
[IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/CTreasures/LeesBelt-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y88/CTreasures/LeesBuckle.jpg[/IMG]

This belt was designed for my mother-in-law, Lee. Lee is a tiny woman; 5ft tall, 100 lbs soaking wet but with a HUGE personality (I’ll leave that to your imagination). She’s an original hippie and dresses as a hippie on a daily basis and it works for her. Lack of hippie clothing and accessories is why she came to me to create things as needed. Belts being the first item.

Materials required:
• LionBrand Microspun Yarn – French Vanilla
Possibly 1/3rd of a new ball
• US G6/4.00 MM Susan Bates hook
• 2 1-inch D rings
•6 small beads for tassel

Approx. finished size of belt not including buckle = 42 inches.
Size can be adjusted to fit anyone. Make longer for larger size or shorter for smaller size.
Stitches Used: Chain (Ch), Double Crochet (DC) and Single Crochet (SC)

Instructions for D-ring buckles:

Leaving approximately a 6-inch tail tie the yarn to a corner of a d-ring. Single crochet around the entire d-ring, making sure the stitches are tight together but not squeezed together. (I’m sorry I didn’t count the stitches.) Join last stitch to first stitch. Secure and leave another 6-inch tail. Fasten off.

Repeat with 2nd d-ring.

Note: Make sure the 4 6-inch tails are in the same corners. These will hang with beads to give that real ‘hippie’ feeling. The additional 2 tails will come from the actual belt.

Instructions for belt:

• Leaving a 6-inch tail chain as long as needed plus 15 extra chains

Row 1: DC in 2nd chain from hook and each stitch across

Row 2: Chain 2, turn, DC in 2nd chain from hook, DC across,

Row 3: Chain 2, turn, DC in 2nd chain from hook, DC across

Secure last stitch but DO NOT FASTEN OFF YET.

Attaching D-ring Buckles to Belt:

While holding the 2 D-rings together (with tails in same corners) slide the belt end with the tails through the D-rings making sure the belt tail is on the side as the buckle tails. Fold the end of the belt over the buckle and slip stitch the folded end to facing side of the belt. You should end where the first 5 6-inch tails are. Secure the joining and fasten off leaving another 6-inch tail (your 6th and final tail for the tassel.)

Take all 6 tails together and knot them close to the belt. This gives a finished look to the tassel and keeps it from going ‘wild’. Thread a bead onto the end of each tail (( I use a tiny crochet hook that fits inside the bead, then hook the yarn and pull it thru with the hook, sliding the bead onto the yarn) and knot the end, securing each bead. Doing the tails this way means no ends to weave in.

This pattern has not been tested. If you find any mistakes or have any questions, please feel free to email me at diamond@the-beach.net or coxsalida@mac.com and I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Edited by diamond, 02 June 2008 - 03:53 PM.

~ Diamond aka Cheryl ~
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#2 CroJulee


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Posted 02 June 2008 - 03:39 PM

That's cute!! Great pattern!! Thanks!!


#3 Monique39


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Posted 02 June 2008 - 03:51 PM

very nice!

#4 rainbowridergrma


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Posted 02 June 2008 - 05:12 PM

I really like the belt. You did a great job.

#5 misssmaggie


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 04:20 AM

Nice !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

#6 beanbug


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 05:13 AM

This is perfect for my daughter. I was going to make a belt for her this week! Can't wait to try it.
thanks for the pattern.

#7 diamond


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 06:35 AM

Thanx everyone. It only took about an hour to make. If you have any problems with the pattern, just PM or email me. I would love to see any photos posted here at the 'Ville if anyone makes this.
~ Diamond aka Cheryl ~
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#8 yarncat


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Posted 03 June 2008 - 08:40 AM

Lee sounds like an awesome lady!Thanks for the pattern!!:yes

#9 unicorn37757


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Posted 04 June 2008 - 04:46 AM

Looks great:clap
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#10 Debbi-a1


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Posted 06 June 2008 - 09:38 AM

That look great! I bought some D rings on clearance at walmart and wasn't sure how to use this, this solves that! Thanks.