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Kitchen Swap - Wrapping Up!

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:15 AM

:cheer~The Kitchen Swap~:clap

The first swap of 2008 here at C'ville is the Kitchen Swap -- dishcloths, towels, potholders -- anything for the kitchen!

For this swap, partners will send a package containing a minimum of 2 crocheted kitchen items, and 2 balls of crochet cotton to their partner.

Please note: Kitchen items like dishcloths and potholders should be made with cotton yarn, not acrylic. Acrylic doesn't soak up water, and can melt when exposed to heat.

Please read through all the rules before signing up:

1. Submit a survey (See 2nd post for Survey information) if you want to participate in this exchange. Surveys should be emailed to me at juliwyant [at] bellsouth [dot] net. I will send you a confirmation email when I receive your survey, and your name will be added to the list of exchangers posted below. Surveys can be submitted until Jan. 30th, 2008.

2. It is not required that you answer all the questions on the survey (except for name, address, and C'ville nickname,etc), but it is a good way for your partner to know your other preferences, favorite color, allergies, etc.

3. Exchange assignments will be e-mailed to you by Feb 1st. Packages must be POSTMARKED BY March 1st. **Delivery Confirmation is required whenever it is available (all domestic packages), and the delivery confirmation number must be emailed to the swap coordinator, Juli (Craftimama). A Customs # is required for all foreign packages and must also be emailed to the coordinator.** The customs # will be listed on your postal receipt when you mail your package, or on the Customs form you put on your package and is proof that your package was mailed. All packages should be received by the end of the swap on March 15th.

4. E-mail the coordinator, Juli at the above email address, when you receive your partner information at the start of the swap, and when you send and receive your exchange item(s) so that she can keep record of who sent and received.

5. Please thank your partner for her thoughtfulness when you receive your exchange item. It will make his or her day. **Thank yous MUST be posted on the swap thread, but you can can post links to your blog for photos, etc., if you choose. Thank you's are REQUIRED!!** Not only does it hurt someone's feelings not to receive a thank you, but your partner and the swap coordinator don't know a package has been received if you don't post!!

6. Make sure your postage and receiver's address is correct before mailing. Mark your package with "Crochetville Kitchen Swap". Do not forget that delivery confirmation or a customs ID # is required , and must be emailed to the swap coordinator. This is not only proof of mailing, but enables you to trace the package if it is lost in the mail.

7. If you have a problem with your partner or an item you recieve, please DO NOT post complaints to the swap board. Please PM or email the swap coordinator privately.

8. If your package is not postmarked by the POSTMARK BY date of March 1st, you will be subject to the consequences listed in the Swap Guidelines post. Please contact the swap coordinator BEFORE the mailing deadline passes if there is a problem that will delay your package.

9. Since we are an international group, everyone is more than welcome to participate. That means that your exchange partner may live across the world and packages may take longer to arrive. Keep this in mind when mailing items.

10. Most importantly have fun! Happy Swapping!!

**Sending in a survey means that you have read all the rules and agree to them. **

Surveys Received From:

Amelia B. (champygirl)
Andrea M. (knitsandknots)
Angie F. (angiefl73)
Barbara B. (barbstitches)
Barb N. (barbn77)
Barbara M. (tezen)
Chantelle H. (Chanti)
Christi B. (dextersmom)
Christina C. (christinacoghill)
Christina H. (oliveoil)
Christine F. (chrissyf)
Christine N. (antdan)
Cindy C. (bubbazmama)
Cindy L. (MBCindy)
Deb B. (Addey)
Debbie W. (LegalWoman17)
Deborah S. (wildthing1058)
Denise A. (nicie)
Dawn Z. (danucia2)
Donna H. (donnalynn2)
Edna M. (sissie44)
Elaine S. (elaines630)
Elizabeth M. (bizzyboppers)
Helen W. (CreativityWoods)
Jamie D. (booklvr)
Jacqueline G. (gatesmarch)
Jan G. (jetty56)
Jeannie P. (loopy1)
Jennifer D. (pretty_bug01)
Jennifer W. (YummyMummyJennifer)
Joanne R. (jpr54_)
Joyce M. (jmccrochet)
Juli W. (craftimama)
Karen C. (Karen Carter)
Karen W. (kwoolls)
Kathy B. (losingmymind2)
Kathy D. (kidget29)
Kathy M. (segi1974)
Kaye Z. (kkatiez)
Kimberly D. (sassyCMA06)
Kimberly Q. (yelutci)
Kim R. (kimbo)
Kim T. (ktornatola)
Kris P. (Warrior_Maiden)
Kristy F. (ladydaydreamer)
LaDonna C. (nanacarr)
Lillibet L. (moomoo)
Lindsey S. (Leebah)
Lisa K. (Lizakaye)
Lynn S. (monchichi_bright)
Mandi R. (caednkat)
Mary Anne F. (sewmom)
Melissa E. (afswife)
Misty S. (Mom4x)
Michele H. (AMHMSH)
Michelle W. (SuperGranny)
Nicole B. (SNIKKI28)
Nicole F. (nikkidear)
Nikki C. (sfgwife)
Patty C. (DesertCrocheter)
Patti W. (Sheryl*)
Rachael S. (rstultz)
Regina P. (mrsperales)
Relynn J. (Dare2BDifferent)
Renee A. (rlanto)
Roberta G. (texasredhead)
Rose L. (mamarose22)
Samantha F. (samijofitz)
Sandhya Karandikar (sandhyasudhir)
Sara W. (madcitycrochet)
Sherri L. (notuswind)
Sheryl G. (sheryljak)
Stephanie L. (ickaboo)
Tammy A. (Wiz3283)
Tammy G. (TammyG)
Theresa S. (Everyday Crochet)
Tiffany K. (tiffmeyer)
Tiffany S. (craftymomma)
Tracy J. (TracyLeigh)
Tristi K. (tris4crochet)
Toi W. (Rosemary)
Vicki S. (mythunderbird)
Victoria H. (vickietoria)


**Green is Sent. Red is received. **

Amelia B. (champygirl) - Victoria H. (vickietoria)
Andrea M. (knitsandknots) - Relynn J. (Dare2BDifferent)
Angie F. (angiefl73) - Barbara M. (tezen) - dc# del
Barbara B. (barbstitches) - Vicki S. (mythunderbird)
Barbara M. (tezen) - Angie F. (angiefl73) - Pkg not receved. angel pck rec from Tristi.
Barb N. (barbn77) - Tracy J. (TracyLeigh)
Chantelle H. (chanti) - Patty C. (DesertCrocheter) - Int'l Package
Christi B. (dextersmom) - Deb B. (Addey)
Christina C. (christinacoghill) - Sara W. (madcitycrochet) - will be sending late. Ok.
Christina H. (oliveoil) - Helen W. (creativitywoods)
Christine F. (chrissyf) - Sherri L. (notuswind)
Christine N. (antdan) - Tristi K. (tris4crochet)
Cindy C. (bubbazmama) - Sheryl G. (sheryljak)
Cindy L. (MBCindy) - Joanne R. (jpr54_)
Dawn Z. (danucia2) - Samantha F. (samijofitz) - Very ill. Can't send. Angel pkg rec from Michelle H.
Deb B. (Addey) - Christi B. (dextersmom)
Debbie W. (LegalWoman17) - Nicole F. (nikkidear)
Deborah S. (wildthing1058) - Regina P. (mrsperales) will be sending late. - dc# del
Denise A. (nicie) - Toi W. (RosemaryP)
Donna H. (donnalynn2) - Tiffany K. (tiffmeyer)
Elizabeth M. (bizzyboppers) - Theresa S. (Everyday Crochet)
Edna M. (sissie44) - Joyce M. (jmccrochet)
Elaine S. (elaines630) - Jacqueline G. (gatesmarch)
Helen W. (creativitywoods) - Christina H. (oliveoil)
Jacqueline G. (gatesmarch) - Elaine S. (elaines630)
Jan G. (jetty56) - Rose L. (mamarose22)
Jamie D. (booklvr) - Tammy G. (TammyG)
Jeannie P. (loopy1) - Roberta G. (texasredhead)
Jennifer D. (pretty_bug01) - Rachael S. (rstultz) - sending late. OK.
Jennifer W. (YummyMummyJennifer) - Nikki C. (sfgwife)
Joanne R. (jpr54_) - Cindy L. (MBCindy)
Joyce M. (jmccrochet) - Edna M. (sissie44)
Juli W. (craftimama) - Sandhya Karandikar (sandhyasudhir) - Int'l package
Karen C. (Karen Carter) - Melissa E. (afswife)
Karen W. (kwoolls) - Kathy B. (losingmymind2)
Kathy B. (losingmymind2) - Karen W. (Kwoolls)
Kathy D. (kidget29) - Michelle H. (AMHMSH)
Kaye Z. (kkatiez) - Kris P. (warrior_maiden)
Kathy M. (segi1974) - Kimberly Q. (yelutci)
Kimberly D. (sassyCMA06) - Kristy F. (ladydaydreamer)
Kimberly Q. (yelutci) - Kathy M. (segi1974)
Kim R. (kimbo) - Lillibet L. (moomoo)
Kim T. (ktornatola) - Michelle W. (SuperGranny)
Kris P. (warrior_maiden) - Kaye Z. (kkatiez)
Kristy F. (ladydaydreamer) - Kimberly D. (sassyCMA06)
LaDonna C. (nanacarr) - Nicole B. (SNIKKI28)
Lillibet L. (moomoo) - Kim R. (kimbo)
Lindsey S. (leebah) - Tiffany S. (craftymomma)
Lisa K. (Lizakaye) - Misty S. (mom4x) - dc# del
Lynn S. (monchichi_bright) - Kathy D. (kidget29)
Mandi R. (caednkat) - Stephanie L. (ickaboo)
Mary Anne F. (sewmom) - Patti W. (sheryl*)
Melissa E. (afswife) - Karen C. (Karen Carter)
Michelle H. (AMHMSH) - Lynn S. (monchichi_bright)
Michelle W. (SuperGranny) - Kim T. (ktornatola)
Misty S. (mom4x) - Lisa K. (lizakaye) - may be sending late. OK.
Nicole B. (SNIKKI28) - LaDonna C. (nanacarr)
Nicole F. (nikkidear) - Debbie W. (LegalWoman17)
Nikki C. (sfgwife) - Jennifer W. (YummyMummyJennifer)
Patty C. (DesertCrocheter) - Chantelle H. (chanti) - Int'l package
Patti W. (sheryl*) - Mary Anne F. (sewmom)
Rachael S. (rstultz) - Jennifer D. (pretty_bug01) - will be sending on Monday. Ok.
Regina P. (mrsperales) - Deborah S. (wildthing1058)
Relynn J. (Dare2BDifferent) - Andrea M. (knitsandknots)
Renee A. (rlanto) - Tammy A. (Wiz3283) - nanacarr sending angel package to Tammy. ANGEL REC.
Roberta G. (texasredhead) - Jeannie P. (loopy1)
Rose L. (mamarose22) - Jan G. (jetty56)
Samantha F. (samijofitz) - Dawn Z. (danucia2)
Sandhya Karandikar (sandhyasudhir) - Juli W. (craftimama) - int'l package
Sara W. (madcitycrochet) - Christina C. (christinacoghill)
Sherri L. (notuswind) - Christine F. (chrissyf)
Sheryl G. (sheryljak) - Cindy C. (bubbazmama)
Stephanie L. (ickaboo) - Mandi R. (caednkat) - sending late.
Tammy A. (wiz3283) - Renee A. (rlanto)
Tammy G. (TammyG) - Jamie D. (booklvr)
Theresa S. (Everyday Crochet) - Elizabeth M. (bizzyboppers)
Tiffany K. (tiffmeyer) - Donna H. (Donnalynn2)
Tiffany S. (craftymomma) - Lindsey S. (leebah)
Toi W. (Rosemary) - Denise A. (nicie)
Tracy J. (TracyLeigh) - Barb N. (barbn77)
Tristi K. (tris4crochet) - Christine N. (antdan)
Vicki S. (mythunderbird) - Barbara B. (barbstitches)
Victoria H. (vickietoria) - Amelia B. (champygirl)
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:17 AM

**Read ALL of the swap rules and 2007 general swap guidelines in addition to the rules for this swap before signing up. There have been some important changes.**

SURVEY: Please copy and paste this survey into an email and send to the swap coordinator, Juli (Craftimama), at juliwyant AT bellsouth DOT net. Surveys will be accepted until noon on Jan 30th. Partners will be assigned by Feb 1st.

1. What is your full name (for mailing purposes only), and C'ville nickname??

2. Email address for swap information?

3. What is your mailing address??

4. Do you have any allergies?? (Smoke, certain scents, food items, cats/dogs, etc)?? Do you, or anyone in your household, smoke?? Do you have cats/dogs, other pets?

5. What are your favorite colors?? Are there any colors you don't like??

6. What kind of kitchen items would you like to receive?

7. Are there any kitchen items you would not like to receive?

8. What colors/themes do you have in your kitchen?

9. Can you send to a foreign partner??

10. Have you participated in a swap at C'ville before?? Which ones?

11. What extra goodies do you enjoy? (tea, coffee, cocoa, etc -- these aren't required items for this swap, but this info is useful if your partner wishes to send some extras).

12. Have you read all of the swap rules, both for this specific swap and the new general guidelines for 2007?? And do you agree to follow these rules??

13. Anything else you want your partner to know????

**Submitting a survey means that you have read the swap rules in entirety and understand the consequences of not sending your exchange items as agreed, or for sending your swap items late.**

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:34 AM

yeah im in sent my survey and am heading down to the craft room to start getting pattens ready

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:51 AM

Just sent my survey in! Can't wait to get started! :clap

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:54 AM

I just sent in my survey. There are some really good swaps this year. I am looking forward to getting started! :clap
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 10:58 AM

I sent in my survey too! Can't wait to try out this swap thing....sounds like a lot of fun! Just have a newbie question: how many items do you typically send to your partner? Just curious!

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 11:01 AM

Sent in my survey.

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 11:28 AM

I just sent in my survey. Am looking forward to it, as it is my first swap!!:cheer

#9 Karen C.

Karen C.

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 11:37 AM

I sent in my survey, too! Can't wait until February:cheer
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 12:09 PM

Just sent in my survey. This is going to be so much FUN !!! I'm quite excited, this is my first Crochetville Swap/Exchange. I'm really looking forward to it.

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 12:39 PM

Sent In mine! This is my 1st swap!
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 01:04 PM

I also sent in my survey, this will be a nice distraction from my class schedule. Who doesn't need kitchen things, right? Can't wait to get started!
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 01:43 PM

:clap:yay sent in my survey, this is the first swap for me, can't wait to start, I am so excited.... :manyheart


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 04:02 PM

Sent my survey in!!

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 04:49 PM

I just sent my survey in and can't wait for it to start!



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Posted 16 January 2008 - 05:22 PM

This one sounds like lots of fun. :cheer
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Posted 16 January 2008 - 05:58 PM

I just sent my survey in. Can't wait until Feb 1st.....:cheer:clap:crocheting:yay

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 06:02 PM

Just sent my survey in and cant wait to get started. This is gonna be lots of fun.

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 06:03 PM

I'm in! I checked out CPC and there are so many fun things to crochet for the kitchen, I thought I'd give it a try. I have made hot pads in the past and enjoyed that a lot. This should be great fun! Patty

#20 segi1974


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 06:04 PM

Dumb question but what is CPC?

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