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Halter & Shorts for Stella 12mo. size

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#1 carovan


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Posted 14 May 2007 - 07:38 PM

I have enjoyed this forum so much since I joined in January. I really appreciate all you who share your wonderful patterns with me. I designed this outfit for my granddaughter this weekend when I couldn't find a halter and shorts in a 12 month size. I want to share with all of you. This is my first pattern that I have designed so have patience with me if I made any mistakes. Thanks for looking.



1 ball Sugar and Cream --Hot Pink Sm. amt. Sug.& Cream- Strawberry
F Hook

Ch. 25 (Approx. 5 1/4)
R1 - sc in 2nd ch. from hook and ea. ch across. Turn.
R2 - Ch.1, sc in ea. sc across. Turn.
R3-R7 - Ch.2 (counts as HDC). HDC in same stitch and across. 2HDC in last stitch. Turn.
R8 - Ch.2 (Counts as HDC). HDC in same stitch and across. Ch25. Turn
R9 - sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across. Ch.25. Turn.
R10 - sc in 2nd ch. from hook. sc across. Turn.
R11 - Ch3, skip 2 st.'s, sc in next st. Across. Turn
R12 - Ch3 (counts as dc) 4 dc in first Ch3 space. sc next ch3 sp. *5 dc next ch3 sp., sc next ch3 sp.* Repeat from * to * across. Turn
R13 - Repeat R11
R14 - Repeat R12
R15 - Repeat R11
R16 - Repeat R12
R17 - Repeat R11
R18 - Repeat R12
R19 - Repeat R11 (May add another couple rows if wanted)
R20 - Change to contrast color. Repeat R12. At end of row sl. st. to corner. Do not fasten off.


Continuing from bottom edge, sc, ch2 evenly up side to R8. Ch50, sl. st back along ch. sc in corner then continue to sc in ea. sc to upper corner. 3sc in corner. Ch50, sl. st back along ch., sl. st to 1st ch. Ch2, sc in ea. sc across top to next corner. Ch50, sl. st. back along ch. 3sc in corner. sc evenly to R8. Ch50, sl. st. back along ch., sl. st. to 1st ch. Ch2, sc to bottom edge. Sl. st. in corner. Finish off.


2 balls Sugar & Cream - Hot Pink
sm. amt. Sugar & Cream - Strawberry
3/4" elastic (measure around baby's waist - approx. 15")
F hook

With contrast color Ch81
R1 - Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea. ch. Turn.
R2 - Ch4 (Counts as triple crochet (tc)). tc in ea. sc across. Turn.
R3 - Ch1. sc in back loop only (blo) across. Turn.
R4 - Ch4 (Counts as tc). tc in front loop only (flo) across.
R5 - Fold in half with R1 and R4 together. Sc R1 and R4 together along length. (Forms a tube for the elastic). Sl. st. to first sc (forms a loop). **Remaining rows will be worked in the round.**
Change color now if desired.
R6 - Ch2 (counts as HDC). Hdc in ea. sc around. (you can join with sl. st to ch2 then ch2., or place a stitch marker to keep track of rows from here
R7-20? Repeat R6 until 7" from top, adding a couple of increase stitches to every third or fourth row.
R21 - Repeat R6 but add 2Hdc in 1st and last Hdc.
R22 - Ch2 and go backwards two stitches. Attach to Hdc with sl st. Ch2. Hdc next 5 stitches. Turn. (6Hdc's) (Forms the beginning of the crotch)
R23-R25 - Ch2. Hdc across. Turn.
R26 - Ch2. Hdc across. Do not turn.
R27 - Attach to opposite side of shorts by slip stitching ea. of the 6 Hdc's to the Hdc's of R20. Do not fasten off.


Legs are worked in the round. Use a stitch marker to keep track of rows.

R1 - 2 Hdc in corner of crotch then Hdc around placing 2 Hdc in back corner of crotch.
R2 - Hdc around
R3 - Hdc around. sl. st. to 1st Hdc.
R4 - Ch3, skip 2 Hdc's, sc in next Hdc. Ch3, skip 2 Hdc's, sc in next Hdc around.
R5 - With contrast color Ch3 (counts as dc), 4 dc in first ch3 sp., sc in next ch3 sp. *5dc in next ch3 sp., sc in next ch3 sp.* Cont. from * to * around. End with sc and sl st. to 1st dc. Fastern off.

2nd leg.--Attach yarn to corner of crotch, ch2, Hdc same stitch, Hdc around to next corner, 2Hdc in corner, Hdc around.
R2-5 Repeat as for first leg.

Attach a safety pin to piece of elastic and thread through tube made at waistband. ( see picture). Overlap pieces of elastic and sew together. Whipstitch opening closed.


#2 stitchymama


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Posted 14 May 2007 - 07:51 PM

That is just toooooo CUTE!!!!! I'm going to make one for my niece!! thanks for sharing!
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#3 Fonda


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Posted 14 May 2007 - 07:52 PM

She's adorable and I love the outfit. thank you for sharing the pattern.

#4 newthingcrochet


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Posted 14 May 2007 - 08:07 PM

Very cute baby and outfit!:manyheart

#5 Aelita


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 12:27 AM

Ahw she is too cute I just love her smile...oh yeah I also love the outfit and thanx for sharing the pattern. I was looking for a halter pattern for a smaller baby.
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#6 Riohnna


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 03:20 AM

How cute!

#7 misssmaggie


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 03:54 AM

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

#8 WendyLee


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 04:40 AM

That is a cute outfit. Very pretty!

#9 dulcet_ambrosia


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 09:12 AM

super cute, i love it

#10 myashleyangel87


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 09:53 AM

That is soooo adorable!! TY for sharing it with us :D
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#11 carovan


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 03:58 PM

Thank you for all the nice comments. This outfit could easily be made for different sizes by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches or by changing hook size. You could also use a different type of yarn if desired. Let me know if you have any problems with the pattern.:)


#12 shayken


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Posted 15 May 2007 - 04:15 PM

It's really nice!! The baby is adorable!

#13 LondonLaura


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Posted 17 May 2007 - 03:11 PM

I saw your thread on the Babies section and came here to look at the pattern. I'm so glad I did - you didn't say there would be cute as pie pictures of her modelling the clothes! Such a pretty set and a cute baby to match.

#14 jap


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Posted 17 May 2007 - 03:33 PM

very sweet Baby! thank you for the cute pattern!

#15 Berniluvscrochet


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Posted 17 May 2007 - 08:11 PM

Thanks for posting the pattern! It is so cute. I just printed it out, baby shower for a little one soon. Perfect summer gift!
And your granddaughter is a cutie!

#16 Mapleleaf Mom

Mapleleaf Mom

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Posted 07 June 2007 - 05:19 PM

Very cute, I love your choice of colours.
I have just the little cutie in mind to make one for this project !


#17 kimmiep621


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Posted 07 June 2007 - 05:26 PM

i dont know how i didnt' see this earlier. but i love it. my kaylee is in size 12. gonna have to make it next week for her. woohoo. great job. and such a beautiful model
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#18 um saif

um saif

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 11:06 AM

i will try it

#19 bxnyrgirl


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Posted 18 August 2007 - 10:18 PM

..for the pattern. I found your pattern on the web a few weeks ago and made it in blue and white.

#20 misskitty27526


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Posted 20 August 2007 - 11:48 AM

Thanks for the pattern will make great gifts.And the model is so adorable.