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best stitch for variegated yarn?

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#1 corachet


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Posted 14 October 2005 - 06:52 AM

What is the best stitch or pattern to show off variegated yarn? tips or ideas?
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#2 yarncat


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Posted 14 October 2005 - 07:19 AM

I make lapghans in dc using multicolor yarn.Dye lots don't matter.



#3 faithpa76


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Posted 14 October 2005 - 08:46 AM

I would stick with simpler stitches (sc, hdc, dc) - almost any stitch will show off a variegated yarn, but the stitch will not be so visible (with some you will almost not be able to see it). It tends to dominate whatever item you put it on. That's JMO, though, lol.

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#4 jacqui


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Posted 15 October 2005 - 12:43 AM

I use plain stitches to show off variegated yarn and i love to mix and match different colours randomly.I make afghans,shawls,scarves anything i love colour and have a hard time making up my mind. happy crocheting! Jacqui

#5 SaxDragon


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Posted 15 October 2005 - 01:07 AM

For me, it depends on whether the varigated/ombre segments or short or long. Short ones get single crochet, often in a ripple/chevron wityh a complimentary solid. Long ones get double crochet, often in a granny or v-stitch, sometimes with complimentary colors, sometimes not.

#6 Sabra


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Posted 15 October 2005 - 05:53 AM

Another vote for simple stitches here. IMO, either you want the yarn to stand out, or the pattern to stand out, not both. To me, multicoloured yarns make a lot of patterns hard to see from a distance--even a simple shell--so I'd rather do a very simple stitch so there's nothing for the yarn to compete with. I think the fanciest I'd personally get would be, as the PP said, a ripple stitch with a complementary solid color.
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