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Kindle Kozy

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#1 tris4crochet


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Posted 01 February 2011 - 06:53 PM

Been in a Tunisian mood and my DH got a Kindle this week put the two together and ta-da a Kindle Kozy

Picture 003.jpg

Picture 002.jpg

Kindle Kozy

worsted weight yarn (2 colors)
MO-EZ hook, green (*note I crochet insanely tight so you may be able to use a smaller hook)

Gauge: 8 tss = 2 ½ inches
6 rows = 2 inches

Tunisian Simple Stitch
ch 18
Row 1: Pick up a loop in every chain til end (18 loops) / Basic Return Row (yo, pull thru one loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops until end)

Rows 2-49: Pick up a loop in every vertical bar til end (18 loops on hook) / Basic Return Row

Row 50: Insert hook thru next 2 vertical bars and pull up a loop (decrease), pull up a loop in each vertical bar until the last 3 stitches, insert hook in next 2 bars and pull up a loop, pull up a loop in last stitch (16 loops) / Basic Return Row

Row 51: Repeat Row 2 (16 loops)

Row 52: Repeat Row 50 (14 loops)

Row 53: Repeat Row 2 (14 loops)

Row 54: Repeat Row 50 (12 loops)

Row 55: Buttonhole Row: Pull up a loop in each vertical bar for the first 4 sts at this point you will have 5 loops on hook, skip 2 bars and pull up a loop in each remaining stitch, you will have 10 loops on hook. / For this return row you will do the basic return row until you get to the skipped stitches, here you need to ch 2 then complete the return row.

Row 56: Pick up a loop in every vertical bar until ch 2, here I just inserted my hook in the space making sure to go under the little length of yarn made my skipping the stitches and pull up a loop, then continue pulling up a loop in remaining vertical bars (11 loops) / Basic Return Row

Row 57: Repeat Row 2

Row 58: Finish off Row : Insert hook in vertical bar and pull up a loop, pull loop thru loop already on hook (slip stitch), continue until end of row. If you are changing color, finish off.

Finishing: Here I took the Kindle and placed it where I wanted it on the strip and folded so I could see where the sides need to meet. removing the kindle but keeping the strip where it needed to be I took a huge safety pin and pinned thru both sides of the strip. Take your 2nd color of yarn and sc around the kozy making sure to go thru both thicknesses on the sides. I started at the bottom of one side, up and around the flap and down the other side. You can fasten off and do a row of sc across the inside opening too if you prefer, I didn’t.

Weave in ends and add a button.


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Posted 01 February 2011 - 09:43 PM

Very Nice! I got a Kindle for Christmas and crochet a cozy but want to make a few more as back ups. This is a good project try Tunison!


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#3 maetta


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Posted 09 February 2011 - 06:44 PM

Beautiful! I will try this for my Nook. Thanks for the pattern.
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