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Review: Beam N Read Book Lights

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 01:45 PM

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BNR LED 6: $26.95

BNR LED 3: $19.95

BNR LED 103M: $29.95

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I recently received three different book lights, as shown above, from ASF Lightware Solutions for review purposes.

Key Features of All Beam N Read Lights:

  • Shines wide and bright, hands-free light directly on your work
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, provides light for needlework and crafts
  • Extra long battery life saves money and the environment
  • Unique accessories include clip-on filters, clip-on magnifiers, AC and vehicle DC adapters
  • Versatile and useful for many other tasks at home and traveling
Most traditional book lights must be clipped on to the book you're reading. You can't really clip them to your needlework, so they aren't very useful for crafting purposes. The Beam N Read Lights are worn around your neck, with an adjustable strap, so you can adjust the light to whatever height you need for whatever purpose. The light part can also be adjusted back and forth to any angle. The lights deliver a much wider light path than traditional clip-on lights, providing enough lighting to see both your needlework and your pattern.

For those who might need a little extra help seeing their stitches, some Beam N Read Lights come with one or more clip-on plastic magnifiers. Some versions also come with clip-on colored filters that can help reduce the glare seen by others nearby when you are using the light. (The yellow filter works really well when you're a passenger in the front seat of a car. The driver shouldn't be distracted by the glare from your light, and you'll still have plenty of light to see your needlework.)

These lights really do provide more than sufficient light for crochet work. I used the LED 6 Light while chaperoning a high school band trip. We were on school buses, and it was quite dark on the drive back home. I was able to use the light with the yellow filter and not cause any vision problems for the bus driver. (I was seated two seats behind her.) I had more than enough light to crochet and read my pattern.

My only problem is that I don't always sit still. I was frequently turning around to talk to a chaperone one seat behind me on the other side of the bus or turning all the way around to check what the kids were up to. I had to be very careful to remember the light on my chest so I didn't accidentally end up shining the light directly in anybody's face. I also tend to fidget a bit when crocheting, also knocking the light out of its optimal position. It was easy enough to just move my crochet work back in the path of the light as I was working, without needing to move anything else. However, I would sometimes have to make adjustments to either the position of the pattern or the light itself in order to have the light on in the right place on the pattern. But once the light is in the right spot, it does a very good job of illumination.

I haven't tried using it in bed yet while my husband is sleeping. I have a feeling it would work quite well for me, and wouldn't emit enough light to interfere with his ability to sleep.

While having the light hanging around your neck can take a little getting used to, and require a little extra attention so you don't shine it in other people's faces, I think you'll find the light does work quite well to enable you to crochet in low-light conditions.

Obviously, not all low-light situations are appropriate for using this type of light. But do give this light a try when you can!

Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light
6 bright LEDs in a row
Uses 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (not included)
Batteries last 48 hours at full brightness
2 clip-on filters: orange for a softer light; red for maintaining night vision
One large 4" x 5" clip-on magnifier (use in vertical or horizontal position)

Beam N Read LED 3
3 bright LEDs in a row
Uses 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (ARE included)
Batteries last 120 hours at full brightness
Clip-on red filter

Beam N Read Plus Magnifier LED 103M
3 bright LEDs in a row
Uses 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (not included)
Batteries last 120 hours at full brightness
Three 4" x 5" clip-on magnifiers (2X, 4X, 6X)

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