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Private Crochet Lessons

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 07:33 AM

I normally charge $10/hr, which is pretty low, but the people I teach aren't rich and I know that raising my price would be a problem, so I don't. I only do hour-long classes now (time is at a premium), but they usually run over, which is fine. I teach at home so really all this takes is an hour of my time - no gas, no travel time.

If I were to get a new group of students though, I'd probably bump it up to $15. Right now, it's always the same ppl I see.

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Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:41 AM

I often wonder if I would charge to teach someone, I have offered to teach how to crochet to several people and noone really seems interested. :-(

I think this would be a great service to kids. Learning a skill that can be improved and use throughout your life is great. Making things with your hands teaches you self respect and self awareness. I really wish when my daughter is older she'll want to learn. I sometimes wish that I could teach a group of kids at a girls club or girls scouts, etc. If you teach 10 kids how to crochet, and only 1 of them carries on and passes it along when she's older, to me that's a triumph.
I think I would probably charge a fee to cover the materials. $10 per person would cover a ball of yarn and a hook or couple of hooks easily.