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Barbara Ann - 18" doll Image intense

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Posted 03 August 2009 - 11:12 PM

Barbara Ann – 18” doll :pinterest

This is a skating costume rather than an outfit you would wear for skating… hence the interesting ‘design’ :wlol

Phentex Merit WW yarn and 5.mm hook. Merit tends to be a lighter weight WW. I’d call it a 3.5 on the weight scale. Please note that it is assumed that you have a doll at hand and can test and measure as you go.


The skirt w/ attached panties…
Create an elastic waist band with ¼ inch elastic.

Row 1: Work 46 sc over the waistband and join.

Row 2:
dc in 1, 2dc in next](69 dc)

Row 3: dc in 3, 2 dc in next] 6 times, dc, tr] in next 2tr in next 2, [tr, dc] in next then return to [dc in 3, 2dc in next] to end … however it works out…82 dc, 6 tr.

Row 4: dc in 33, 2dc in next 2dc, dc to end. ( dc) break off mauve.

Attach white. Note: long sc – work your single crochet into a stitch in the lower row or into a lower part of the dc.. look at the close up to see where to put this st.

Row 5: work [sc in 3, long sc in next] up to the point we are forming at left front, work long sc into the row below over both dc in the 2dc group, sc between the 2 2dc groups, long sc over both dc in next 2dc group, return to [] to work to end. Fudge if you have to to make it look ok. Break off white.

Attach yellow.

Row 6: sc around adding increases only to keep the circle flat. At the apex of the point, work 2 sc in sc to affirm the point at left front. Break off yellow.

Attach pink.

Row 7: dc evenly up to 6 sts from the apex of the point.. Work2dc in next, 2 tr in next, 2dc in next, hdc in next, dc in next, 3dc in next, dc in next. hdc in next, 2dc in next, 2tr in next, 2 dc in next, then dc evenly to end join and Break off pink.


The panties It is very important that you begin at Centre Back for this portion. Decide where at the left side you want the design point and then fold the skirt in half to find the correct CB st.

with mauve and 5.mm hook…

Row 1P: working under the skirt portion, work a FPsc into every sc at elastic waistband. Join. (46 FPsc)

Row 2P: dc evenly around. (46 dc)

Row 3P: ch 2, dc in same st, dc in 21, 2dc in next 2 dc, dc in 21, 2 dc in last, join.

Row 4P: ch 2, dc in same st, dc in 10, dc dec, dc in 11, 2dc in next 2 dc, dc in 11, dc dec, dc in 10, 2dc in last.

Row 5P: ch 2, dc in same, dc in 13, dc dec, dc in 9, 2dc in next 2, dc in 9, dc dec, dc in 13, 2dc in last

Row 6P: ch 2, dc in same, dc in 15, dc dec, dc in 9, 2dc in next 2, dc in 9, dc dec, dc in 13, 2dc in last

Row 7P: ch 2, dc in same, dc in 13, hdc in 2 hdc dec, hdc in 9, 2hdc in next 2, hdc in 9, hdc dec, hdc in 2, dc in 13, 2dc in last join w/ sl st…

sl st into 28th st, sl st into 29th st and last st to close crotch. Sc around med size hair elastics for each leg

The top…


There is a set of pics at the end that show the development of the top if you want more info…


with pink and 5.mm hook
Ch 52…

Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in 8, 5dc dec, dc to end, 2dc in last ch. Break off pink

With mauve… go back to beginning and att in top ch of ch3 st.

Dc in 30, 5dc dec, dc in 6

Dc in 5, 5dc dec, dc to end

Go back to beginning and att yarn, ch 2m dc in next 2, 5dc dec, dc in 9, ch 2 and turn

Dc in next 5dc, 5dc dec, dc in 2, ch 2 and turn

2dc dec, dc in 6. ch 1, turn.

sc across bottom edge

Left Back 1:Att mauve yarn at left sleeve edge and dc across 25 sts.

LB2: Dc across 25 sts, .

LB3: dc in each dc then work 5 Foundation DC stitches (30 dc)

LB4-5: dc evenly across.

LB6: work dc across. Slip stitch the two sleeve edges together. Sl st into next st, ch 3, dc to end. (10 dc)

LB7-8: dc evenly

LB9: sc along edge then sl st the side seam together. Break off and tidy all ends.

Right Back 1: at neck edge, skip 6 sts and att pink yarn in 7th st. dc in 7

RB 2: dc in 7, ch 7

RB3: dc in 4th ch from hook and evenly to end. (12 dc)

RB 4-: dc to next to last st, 2dc in st, dc in last. (13 dc)

BR 5-9: dc evenly.

BR 10: sc across edge. Break off and tidy all ends. Sl st side seam.

Sleeve edge… fold up a cuff of about an inch. Attach white yarn at underarm seam and sc around edge..

-> ch 4, 2dc in same st, *sk 3 sc, shell (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in next* rep around, work 1 more dc in beg stitch, join in 3rd ch of ch4. Fudge if needed to make the shells look even. Break off and tidy ends.

Rt sleeve: attach pink yarn in armhole. Work rows of dc… as many rows as you prefer for the sleeve length. I also start with hdc in the armpit area for a couple of stitches to help give the right form to the sleeve.

Finish edge. Attach pink yarn a back left bottom edge…
Sc along left edge with 3 sc in turn, [ch 3, sc in next] along the neck edge, sc along right edge making button loops as you go. Break off and tidy all ends.

For the headpiece… just work a series of sc over a folded hair elastic band and work a chain and slst back over the chain. Work bobbles at the ends if you like that look.





Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2009

I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.

However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.

Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 03:26 AM


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Posted 04 August 2009 - 08:20 AM

How do you DO it, darski? You just keep coming up with these super cute outfits that I have to add to my WIM list.

Great job, yet again!

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 08:29 AM

that is adorable, love it as much as the hockey one

may all your days be filled with hooks and yarn.

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 08:54 AM

Oh Darski she is just beautiful. I love all your patterns, but this one is just to cute.:hook

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 03:29 PM

Another cute outfit. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 09:00 AM

Every doll pattern you post, I think it is the best - but this one really takes the blue ribbon. I am expecting a grandchild in February - don't know yet what sex it is but if it's a girl, I will definitely be pulling out all your great doll patterns. Thanks so much.
Katy Ravensong :)

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Posted 05 August 2009 - 11:21 AM

Thank you very much for this great design and all the others you have made. One of these days I plan to sit down and make many of your designs. There is just so little time to do all the projects I want to do lol!

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