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Crochetville's 2014 Best of Crochet Awards

Now accepting nominations for Crochetville's 2014 Best of Crochet Awards through September 30, 2014.
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      16 Aug

    WOW. I am finally watching ink master s4 and the tattoo artist that did mine and JJ's wedding ink is in the running. I was watching it like "where do I know that guy from?" lol.

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Soft Secret Yarn

Yarn Talk Today, 07:22 PM
I did a search on the forum for "Soft Secret" yarn that is sold by Hobby Lobby and didn't see any posts about it.  Has anyone used this yarn?  I guess it's HL's answer to Simply Soft???  
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KISS - Hot Pad Swap

Crochetville Swaps Today, 06:29 PM
KEEP IT SIMPLE SWAP: HOT PAD RULESGeneral Swap Requirements: Each swapper is required to send ONE COTTON HOT PAD. No additional items may be included in your swap package. We're keeping it simple--send just the one item and nothing else.Potholders must be made of...
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Found Hobby Horse Christmas Ornament

Seeking Patterns Today, 12:02 PM
Last year or so, there was a pattern posted here of a hobby horse, that you put on a candy cane to make it an ornament.   I know I have this pattern, but darn if I can find it.  Could someone please help me?   Yes I am looking for Christmas patterns.  I like to get these finis...
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Native American Blanket

Afghans Today, 10:07 AM
The has become the most popular afghan in the house. It is made of Red Heart Super Saver, single crochet and I used a K hook. The pattern called for 3 rows of colored and varigated but you will need 5 rows to acheive the look if you use a single crochet. I made it really big so it would cover my...
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Help reading pattern for slippers

General Crochet Help Today, 09:58 AM
Hi all. I'm very much a beginner when it comes to crochet. I've only done practice things, like a few coasters and a cozy. I wanted to move onto something a little (only a little!) more complex, so I found a pattern on redheart.com for some some simple slippers. Here's the link: http://www.r...
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