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      26 Mar

    I'm looking forward to starting a new project...two years on one tiny dress is too long!

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Magic Bag

Cases & Cozies Yesterday, 09:44 AM
I needed a quick draw string bag ( button free) (4 inches) to carry my electronic junk for work in (car charger-usb charger). I started off making one and ended up with 4 little bags lol but all my stuff is in these little mini bags....   2 bag have (car charger-usb charger) one for my...
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Mushroom Lighter-Chapstick Holder

Cases & Cozies Yesterday, 08:39 AM
I was trying to find a holder to keep a co workers lighter in as he is always asking me (a no-smoker) for a cigarette lighter because he can't find his this will be perfect because I am putting a clip on it to hook to his keys LOL....     In the future I could make some for keeping...
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C’Ville Tote May 2017

Giveaways 26 Apr 2017
April showers bring May flowers.  We are now in the month or soon to be of flowers.  I sit here and I can see my neighbor’s Gardenia tree.  It is in full bloom and when I walk out to the pool, I can smell it.  It is dark green with beautiful white blossoms.  Amazing, sinc...
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What is the meaning of "ch – 2 ch-1 spaces"

General Crochet Help 26 Apr 2017
Hi there fellow crocheteers. My name is Sergei and I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I've become fascinated with crocheting and want to embark on a project, an easy one, or so the designer says. I've found a free pattern on favecrafts.com Giant Granny square throw (https://www.favecraf....red-heart-yarn...
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anyone care to help out a newbie?

Yarn Talk 25 Apr 2017
Hey ladies, I am SUPER NEWBIE to this, my first project was a mermaid tail for my daughter, I had never picked up a crochet hook ever in my life and I STRUGGLED through that project big time then swore I would never touch a hook again. Now I am moving onto a supposedly "beginner" pattern which is...
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