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Weird crochet hook?

General Crochet Help Today, 06:52 AM
Hi, I have been going through a bag of assorted crochet hooks and have found one which is like none of the other ones. It is plastic and has a hook at one end but the hook has a vertical slit down the side. It is also blunt at the top, and has a hole drilled through the hook at the other end. I h...
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Bruges lace chart help

General Crochet Help Yesterday, 10:10 PM
Can anyone explain a few things to me about reading bruges lace charts?
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Introduce Yourself Yesterday, 10:05 PM
I stumbled across this forum looking for so kind of help understanding bruges lace crochet charts. Everything I find is in Russian. If anyone has any experience with bruges or can understand russian please let me know!! I have only been crocheting for about a year and I have learned everything f...
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Solomon's Knot AKA Lover's Knot - Need Tips, Plea...

Crochet Stitch Help Yesterday, 01:12 PM
HI Everyone!   I just started my first project using the Solomon's Knot (Lover's Knot).  I've got the stitch down, but I'm having problems keeping them even.  The pattern calls for the first loop to be 3/4".  Other than using a ruler on every stitch, is there an easier way?
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Epic blanket

Afghans Yesterday, 12:56 PM
This was a Christmas gift for my brother. It is comprised of 214 granny squares. It's big enough to cover a queen size bed. It took me the whole year to make (what with breaks and other projects). Each square is 4 rounds and took an average of 20 minutes per square. This is the biggest project I'...
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