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blankets, bebs and burp cloths

Other Crafts Today, 07:14 AM
I made these blankets, bibs and burp clothes for a new grandbaby.        
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more grandbaby clothes

Other Crafts Today, 07:04 AM
This is second batch of baby clothes I've made for my granddaughter who is due in April.     and back        with the jacket      This little dress was made from a bridesmaids dress worn by the baby's aunt at the Mommy to be's wedding. Th...
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grandbaby clothes

Other Crafts Today, 07:02 AM
I have a new granddaughter coming in April and I have been having lots of fun sewing clothes for her. I have more pictures, I think I will put them in another post.       The next 2 pictures are the same outfit, one is with the jacket and one is without the jacket. I gu...
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teddy bear clothes

Other Crafts Today, 06:54 AM
My granddaughter and grandson each have a Disney Teddy Bear and of course their bears need clothes to wear. So I've been having fun sewing for the bears and grandkids.   A Jedi bear costume.   A Minnie Mouse wanna be bear costume.   A Valentine's day dress for a loved bear....
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baby booties & socks & a hat

Baby & Toddler Items Today, 06:48 AM
I made some booties and crocheted some trim on socks for a new granddaughter who is due in April. And a hat for the hospital stay.            
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