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      11 Jul

    I'm going on a bus trip to Canada next week. I'm looking forward to some crochet time!

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Help with perler bead patterns

General Crochet Help Yesterday, 08:45 PM
I am attempting my first perler bead pattern turned blanket. Any tips or tricks? And would anyone now how to convert the size? Like is each spot where a bead would be placed going to be a 1 in square in crochet?
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Hi there from Oregon, USA!

Introduce Yourself Yesterday, 05:35 PM
I have a daughter who is one year and four months old, and am 34 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.   New to crochet, started learning a couple months ago  as a way to deal with lack of mobility (hard pregnancy), and am completely addicted. My poor husband is always having to remove yarn f...
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Greetings from Australia

Introduce Yourself Yesterday, 07:05 AM
Thanks so much for this forum.  I love crocheting and am ecstatic at finding this site. Cheers
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Toddler Pixie Hats

Baby & Toddler Items 23 Sep 2016
I wanted some hats to go with those poncho I made and decided simple toddler pixie hats were the perfect option vs a beanie & I was able to use up some of the leftover yarn from those ponchos...    Toddler Pattern            Child Pattern
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Stitch help needed

Crochet Design Help 23 Sep 2016
My daughter would like a genie hat.  I have not been able to find any patterns or information on how to make one.  I did find this picture that is almost what I am thinking of doing but with black yarn instead and a gold "headband".  Especially how it comes to a point in the front....
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