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Pattern Uploads: Getting Started FAQ

Read this article for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about uploading patterns at Crochetville.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are discontinuing sales in our digital pattern store effective December 31, 2016. Customers will still be able to access all previously purchased patterns.

Who Can Upload Patterns?

You must be a registered member with a validated email address to upload patterns. If you are not yet a registered member, you can register a free account here.

Registered members must also join our Pattern Vendor Group to attain the necessary permissions to upload patterns.

You will be asked to provide a billing address, although there is no charge to join the Pattern Vendor Group. We must now collect this information to comply with EU VAT legislation regarding sales of digital services (PDF patterns) that goes into effect on January 1, 2015.

By joining the Pattern Vendor Group, you agree to Crochetville's Terms of Service for uploading patterns to Crochetville.

Can I Sell Patterns?

Absolutely! When you upload a pattern, it is your choice whether to offer it for sale or for free. You may charge whatever price you like for your patterns. All prices are in US dollars.

What Can I Upload?

You can upload PDF files for standard crochet, specialty crochet techniques, knooking, cro-tatting, and cro-hooking. You may upload individual patterns or ebook compilations of patterns. Maximum PDF size is 10 MB.


If you want to upload another type of pattern, please Contact Us so we can talk about it.

You must upload at least one photo per pattern, but you are welcome to upload as many images as you like. You may upload .jpg, .gif, and .png files. Maximum individual image size is 1 MB.

Is There Anything I Shouldn't Upload?

If you want to upload patterns for popular characters, sports logos, corporate logos or other copyrighted/trademarked work belonging to another party, you must have licensing arrangements in place or express written permission from the trademark/copyright owner. Before uploading such patterns, please Contact Us for information on how to forward us a copy of such permission for our legal files.


Your pattern description should also include a statement that licensing or other permission is in place. In addition to protecting you and Crochetville, it will also make sure customers don't think you're unfairly using another company's work.

If you don't have the required permission in place, please do not upload such patterns. We'll be happy to guide you in the steps necessary to obtain the required licensing or permission.

We know such patterns are very popular with crocheters. We would love to carry your patterns here, but we must make sure all copyright and trademarks laws are followed.

Patterns that are uploaded without mention of the appropriate licensing or permission are subject to removal without notice. Designers who repeatedly upload such patterns risk losing the ability to upload patterns as well as their Crochetville membership.

Does Crochetville Charge a Commission and How Do I Get Paid?

Crochetville charges a 10% commission. You can read the details in our Financial Information article.

Offering Pattern Support

Our system will automatically generate a pattern support topic for your pattern in our Crochetville Downloadable Patterns folder. Your pattern listing will have a "Support Topic" button that will lead customers directly to this support topic.

After you create your pattern, we suggest you go directly to the pattern's support topic and do some minor editing. The software default will display your pattern description at the bottom of the topic. Your pattern listing will look more attractive if you move this information to the top of the topic.

You can use this topic to answer customer questions about the pattern. Other Crochetville members may also provide answers if they have made your pattern before.

You can also use this topic to post errata and/or let people know if you've released a corrected or otherwise updated version of the pattern.

I'm Ready to Get Started. What Do I Do?

Make sure you've joined the Pattern Vendor Group as outlined above.

Then read our Pattern Upload Tutorial. You'll have your first pattern uploaded in just a few minutes!

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